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Sharon Van Etten, Teatro Lara, Madrid, Spain (September 27th, 2012) – Mp3


The first show from Sharon Van Etten I attended was at Primavera Sound Festival 2012, I couldn’t stay for the whole concert as there was another performance starting before this one finished. Anyway, I don’t think Sharon was really into it (the show was pretty early in the afternoon), so I was hoping she visited Madrid at some point because I really liked her album “Tramp” (one of the best albums last year IMHO).

The show was really outstanding, and this time Sharon was really interacting with the audience and singing beautifully. The show was a little over 1 hour, but I really had a great time and I’m really looking forward her next record and tour. I’ve only been a couple of times to the Teatro Lara, but this is now one of my favourite venues in Madrid, it’s quite small sized but the sound was really clear and the audience pretty respectful and quiet (which is very very rare in Madrid, or in Spain in general for that matter).

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Welcome to Spanish Taper’s blog!

This blog will try and serve as an archive for live recordings of shows from Madrid mostly (and some other Spanish locations).

All of these recordings are shared freely, by a fan to other fans to enjoy. Please never sell these recordings!

If you want any of these shows to be removed from the blog, please contact me and I’ll delete it as soon as possible.

All the files shared here are in high quality mp3 (320kps), FLAC files are also available, please contact me in case you want to get a copy of any of them in a lossless format.

Please, support the artists that make these amazing music!! Buy their records and attend to their shows so they can continue to make our lifes a little happier.

La Habitación Roja, Sala Penélope, Madrid, Spain (February 9th, 2013) – Mp3


La Habitación Roja are back in Madrid again in their “Fue Eléctrico Tour”, I missed them when they played at Joy Eslava, so this time I had to attend to the show. It was my first show at Sala Penélope, and I didn’t like it too much, the sound was not great… but at least we can count with these small venues to keep bands coming to Madrid.

The setlist was quite good and running for over 2 hours, most of the tunes were from their last couple of records. I missed more songs from their first records, I really enjoyed “Universal” and all the classic tunes from “Nuevos Tiempos” one of the greatest indie Spanish records ever. I don’t know why they rarely play song from “Largometraje”, I really love that record, and I think it was undervalued when itt was released, at least we got “23” played by popular request.

In all, a great show, as all of the LHR shows are.

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Destroyer, Teatro Lara, Madrid, Spain (July 19th, 2012) – Mp3


I missed Dan Bejar’s show in Madrid in the Día de la Música Festival in 2011, I was at the Lykke Li show that was at the same time, a tough decission but I was playing Wounded Rhymes non stop at that moment. Luckily, Destroyer came back one year after to play in a much better setting (a small theater, quite better than a big festival ground at 7 in the afternoon). I had been listening to his last record quite a lot during this past year, and I liked it more and more over this time, I had enough time to relisten to his earlier records, so I was quite ready for this show. Despite it starting quite late it didn’t disappoint a bit, with the set being 1 hour and 20 minutes long. Most of the songs of his latest realease were played, and some of the classic hits. And Dan was really into it, putting a lot of energy and emotion in the performance. All in all a great set I hope you enjoy.

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The Black Keys, Palacio de los Deportes, Madrid, Spain (28th November, 2012) – Mp3

black keys madrid

This was the first Black Keys show in Madrid, with an almost sold out Palacio de los Deportes hosting 18.000 people. It was a nice show overall, I enjoyed it pretty much, although they mostly played tunes from their last couple of records, and that was what most people were looking for tonight.

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