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La Habitación Roja, Sala Penélope, Madrid, Spain (February 9th, 2013) – Mp3


La Habitación Roja are back in Madrid again in their “Fue Eléctrico Tour”, I missed them when they played at Joy Eslava, so this time I had to attend to the show. It was my first show at Sala Penélope, and I didn’t like it too much, the sound was not great… but at least we can count with these small venues to keep bands coming to Madrid.

The setlist was quite good and running for over 2 hours, most of the tunes were from their last couple of records. I missed more songs from their first records, I really enjoyed “Universal” and all the classic tunes from “Nuevos Tiempos” one of the greatest indie Spanish records ever. I don’t know why they rarely play song from “Largometraje”, I really love that record, and I think it was undervalued when itt was released, at least we got “23” played by popular request.

In all, a great show, as all of the LHR shows are.

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