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Destroyer, Teatro Lara, Madrid, Spain (July 19th, 2012) – Mp3


I missed Dan Bejar’s show in Madrid in the Día de la Música Festival in 2011, I was at the Lykke Li show that was at the same time, a tough decission but I was playing Wounded Rhymes non stop at that moment. Luckily, Destroyer came back one year after to play in a much better setting (a small theater, quite better than a big festival ground at 7 in the afternoon). I had been listening to his last record quite a lot during this past year, and I liked it more and more over this time, I had enough time to relisten to his earlier records, so I was quite ready for this show. Despite it starting quite late it didn’t disappoint a bit, with the set being 1 hour and 20 minutes long. Most of the songs of his latest realease were played, and some of the classic hits. And Dan was really into it, putting a lot of energy and emotion in the performance. All in all a great set I hope you enjoy.

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