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Lana Del Rey, La Riviera, Madrid, Spain (May 09th, 2013) – Mp3


First time Lana del Rey was in Madrid, I can’t say I’m a big fan of her but I really liked some of the songs in her first record so I made a last time decision to go. I was lucky to get a ticket from a fan I found on twitter for face value (the tickets were selling by a hundred euros by scalpers, and I was not going to pay that for sure).

As I arrived early to the venue and I had my kindle fully charged I decided to stay in the line… this was my first shock of the night… was I at the wrong venue? were did all these “believers” type of fans coming from?! I didn’t know either that Lana was such a big gay icon…

I entered soon to the venue and could get to my usually spot (far from the first rows without much problems), and I got my gear ready… The opening band (Kassidy) was really nice, I didn’t know them at all but I enjoyed their short set. And then chaos appeared… I wasn’t ready for those crazy fans screaming like crazies when Lana came on stage… I thought I was at a One Direction gig or something very similar… Lana herself was amazing, really tonight beautiful.

As for the show itself, I really enjoyed some of the songs (although too much singalongs in the most popular hits) but the overall sensation was of boredom… At some points Lana just went to the front rows to sign records and posters to the fans… the last song (National Anthem) was the most anticlimactic show closer EVER!!! she sang the song went back to the first line for a long 10 minutes to sign autographs while the band were just jamming over and over again the same melody, she then came back, said goodbye, the band kept playing for another couple of minutes and that was it… A couple of girls even came to me and asked if the show had finished…

All in all, a show not up to the expectations and I should have listened to my girl and stayed at home (I had to tell her it was amazing when I got home =)

The sound of the recording is not really good, and I doubt I will come back to it ever again, maybe when I’m old and reviewing all of them, but I suppose some die hard fans will enjoy it so that’s what I’m uploading it. Feel free to make a comment and let me know what you think.

Lana del Rey

La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
May 09, 2013

Equipment: CMC-8 > CA-9200 > Sony PCM-10 (24 bit) > Adobe Audition (downsample and raise levels) > YOU

  1. Intro
  2. Cola
  3. Body Electric
  4. Blue Jeans
  5. Born To Die
  6. Carmen
  7. Gods And Monsters
  8. Blue Velvet (Tony Bennett cover)
  9. American
  10. Without You
  11. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan cover)
  12. Young and Beautiful
  13. Intermission (Ride Video Interlude)
  14. Ride
  15. Summertime Sadness
  16. Burning Desire
  17. Video Games
  18. National Anthem

Download the Complete show [MP3].

If you download this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Lana del Rey. Visit their site [HERE], you can follow them on Facebook [HERE] or Twitter [HERE]. Visit their store and purchase their records [HERE]. They are on tour right now so make sure you go and see them live when you have the chance.

One response to “Lana Del Rey, La Riviera, Madrid, Spain (May 09th, 2013) – Mp3

  1. Sara May 11, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    Solo decirte que para gustos los colores, yo estuve en el concierto también y para nada pienso como tú. Yo si que soy una gran fan y me pareció que ella estuvo increíble tanto cantando como en la forma en la que se dirigió al público. No muchos artistas le prestan tanta atención a sus fans. Y supongo que para la banda los 10 minutos finales tuvieron que ser un poco pesados pero por lo que yo vi el guitarrista de la derecha lo estaba disfrutando.
    Y bueno pedirte perdón porque veo que te molesto bastante que l@s fans cantaramos y chillaramos pero de verdad que no lo puedes reprimir cuando ves por primera vez en directo a una cantante que te encanta 🙂 Besitos

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