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Yo La Tengo, La Riviera, Madrid, Spain (March 5th, 2013) – Mp3


This was my second Yo La Tengo show ever. The last one was the Primavera Sound gig last year, and since them they have released a new record (Fade) which is one of my favourites this year so far.

The show at Primavera was really good, but it was really short, so this time they were playing in Madrid with no support and the expectations were high.

The show started with a 50 minutes acoustic set which was pretty amazing, the audience was quite respectful, which is really strange in Madrid so I could really enjoy the music. Opening with the best track of Fade (Ohm) almost whispered was great. The rest of the set with tracks from their lastest release as well as some classic songs eneded too soon.

After a small intermission to get the stage ready the electric set began. We a couple of more songs from Fade and wome classic tunes (Moby Octopad, Sugarcube…), and then they started with an electric version of Ohm! Not many bands can manage to play the same song twice in the same concert and look like they didn’t but Yo La Tengo managed to do it. Amazing version of the song followed by a terrific version of The Story Of Yo La Tango, with Ira enjoying quite a lot with the distortion and the fake guitar wrecking.

A couple of great versions for the encores and a couple of almost acoustic songs to finish and close the circle. Great show once again from Yo La Tengo which left me really looking forward their next live show in Madrid, they have

The sound of the recording is quite good, not a lot of crowd interference except for some clapping here and there, and some interference from a cell phone.

Yo La Tengo

La Riviera, Madrid, Spain
March 05, 2013

Equipment: CMC-8 > CA-9200 > Sony PCM-10 (24 bit) > Adobe Audition (downsample and raise levels) > YOU

  1. Ohm
  2. Two Trains
  3. Season Of The Shark
  4. When It’s Dark
  5. The Point Of It
  6. Cornelia And Jane
  7. I’ll Be Around
  8. Black Flowers
  9. Nowhere Near
  10. Stupid Things
  11. Moby Octopad
  12. Outsmertener
  13. Before We Run
  14. Well You Better
  15. Paddle Forward
  16. Decora
  17. Sugarcube
  18. Ohm
  19. The Story Of Yo La Tango
  20. This Is Where I Belong (The Kinks Cover)
  21. Let’s Compromise
  22. Gates Of Steel (Devo Cover)
  23. The Summer
  24. What Can I Say

Download the Complete show [MP3].

If you download this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Yo La Tengo. Visit their site [HERE], you can follow them on Facebook [HERE] or Twitter [HERE]. Visit the shop from Matador and purchase their records [HERE] and make sure you go and see them live when you have the chance.

2 responses to “Yo La Tengo, La Riviera, Madrid, Spain (March 5th, 2013) – Mp3

  1. Peter June 2, 2013 at 6:20 am

    Thanks for this! – track 12 is ‘Outsmertener’ by the way.

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