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Sharon Van Etten, Teatro Lara, Madrid, Spain (September 27th, 2012) – Mp3


The first show from Sharon Van Etten I attended was at Primavera Sound Festival 2012, I couldn’t stay for the whole concert as there was another performance starting before this one finished. Anyway, I don’t think Sharon was really into it (the show was pretty early in the afternoon), so I was hoping she visited Madrid at some point because I really liked her album “Tramp” (one of the best albums last year IMHO).

The show was really outstanding, and this time Sharon was really interacting with the audience and singing beautifully. The show was a little over 1 hour, but I really had a great time and I’m really looking forward her next record and tour. I’ve only been a couple of times to the Teatro Lara, but this is now one of my favourite venues in Madrid, it’s quite small sized but the sound was really clear and the audience pretty respectful and quiet (which is very very rare in Madrid, or in Spain in general for that matter).

The recording is quite good, the location in the theater was nice, although the person sitting next to me was clapping really hard at times… you might think he was a big fan but he left in the middle of the show… I really can’t understand some people.


Sharon Van Etten

Teatro Lara, Madrid, Spain
September 27th, 2012

Equipment: CMC-8 > CA-9200 > Sony PCM-10 (24 bit) > Adobe Audition (downsample and raise levels) > YOU

  1. All I Can
  2. Warsaw
  3. Save Yourself
  4. Leonard
  5. Peace Signs
  6. Magic Chords
  7. I Wish I Knew
  8. Don’t Do It
  9. Kevin’s
  10. Give Out
  11. Serpents
  12. I’m Wrong
  13. Love More

Download the Complete show [MP3].

If you download this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Sharon Van Etten, you can follow her on Facebook [HERE] or Twitter [HERE]. Visit the shop in her webpage and purchase her records [HERE] and make sure you go and see her live when you have the chance.


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