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Destroyer, Teatro Lara, Madrid, Spain (July 19th, 2012) – Mp3


I missed Dan Bejar’s show in Madrid in the Día de la Música Festival in 2011, I was at the Lykke Li show that was at the same time, a tough decission but I was playing Wounded Rhymes non stop at that moment. Luckily, Destroyer came back one year after to play in a much better setting (a small theater, quite better than a big festival ground at 7 in the afternoon). I had been listening to his last record quite a lot during this past year, and I liked it more and more over this time, I had enough time to relisten to his earlier records, so I was quite ready for this show. Despite it starting quite late it didn’t disappoint a bit, with the set being 1 hour and 20 minutes long. Most of the songs of his latest realease were played, and some of the classic hits. And Dan was really into it, putting a lot of energy and emotion in the performance. All in all a great set I hope you enjoy.

The recording turned out pretty good with almost no interference from people around, I got a really nice spot in the theater. Enjoy the show and let me know what you think!


Teatro Lara, Madrid, Spain
July 19th, 2012

Equipment: CMC-8 > CA-9200 > Sony PCM-10 (24 bit) > Adobe Audition (downsample and raise levels) > YOU

  1. Your Blues
  2. European Oils
  3. Kaputt
  4. Downtown
  5. Heartswarm
  6. Savage Night At The Opera
  7. Looter’s Follies
  8. Chinatown
  9. Suicide Demo For Kara Walker
  10. Libby’s First Sunrise
  11. Rubies
  12. Bay Of Pigs

Download the Complete show [MP3]

If you download this recording, PLEASE SUPPORT Destroyer, visit his website at Merge Records, and purchase his records from their website [HERE].


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